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15th December 2017 
About Marmali and Dalyan #01

The countryside round Marmarli and Dalyan is rural, predominantly cotton & citrus groves, natural liquid amber forest & watery with lakes, coastal beaches & rivers..

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Dalyan is in the centre of an International Conservation Area with developmet strictly controlled to preserve one of the last nesting places in the Mediterranean of the giant Careta Careta Turtle. Itsuzu Beach is where these lumbering giants have laid their eggs from May to September for millenia, and you can turtle watch at night and see them hatching from a distance. [the beach is closed from 20.00-08.00 and strictly patrolled by 'turtle security'you cannot use any flash photography as it disturbes their nesting cycle.]

Marmarli is 2km from Dalyan down a lane which winds through the forest. Quiet with one restaurant in the woods, but an easy cycle ride to Dalyan. You can walk to the top of the lane & flag down a Dolmush to the 'town' or order a taxi if you don't fancy the walk. This is a quiet but undeniably pleasant place, and it is well worth visiting.

Unspoiled Itsuzu Beach

About Marmali and Dalyan #02

About Marmali and Dalyan #03

Itsuzu Beach & river delta

Lake koycegiz

Dalyan sits on the river delta which separates the Mediterranean from Lake Koycegiz. This produces brackish waters which are abundant in both salt & sea water fish. The local fishing co-operative sell off their surplus in the local market. Listen for the tanoy announcements when you're in the town and dash to get the freshest fish you'll ever BBQ

About Marmali and Dalyan #04

About Marmali and Dalyan #05

The original clarifying & detoxifying treatment.. if it was good enough for Cleopatra....

A short Gullet trip up river takes you to the famous thermal mud baths. Let the mud dry on you, clarifying & detoxifying before washing off in the warm spring water. This is a must for the beginning of your holiday, as nothing prepares your skin better for that glorious suntan!

About Marmali and Dalyan #06

Lycean Rock Tombs

2500 years ago the Trading Kings of the Lycean Culture were buried in these magnificent tombs carved from the living rock face. Floodlit at night they provide a wonderful backdrop for a leisurely dinner on the river.

About Marmali and Dalyan #07

Saturday market in Dalyan

The weekly Dalyan street market attracts folk from far and wide, and together with other small town markets provides a more colourful shopping option on an almost daily basis.
Local grocery shops and bakeries have the freshest supplies daily, and the small supermarkets will provide you with everything else.

About Marmali and Dalyan #08

About Marmali and Dalyan #09

Spices, spices, spices....

I knew Tupperware would come in handy. Now just how am I going to get all this stuff home?

About Marmali and Dalyan #10

Handcrafted pottery, carpets & leatherware

Anyone for a plate? A must for that local gift, or maybe a carpet? At any rate the local apple tea or chai shared with the sellers won't cost you anything, and a courteous bargain struck will make both partners happy.

About Marmali and Dalyan #11

Rush hour Marmali style

Dalyan may be bustling, but it doesn't take long to find yourself in a livestock 'traffic jam' Just slow down to the local walking pace....