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15th December 2017 

Getting Active. There are lots of trips you can take and these are the ones exclusive to our travel partners, you'll find details in the Villa, and our representative will make reservations for you.Price guide for most trips is between £15-£25 per person for a full day including lunch. £5-£10 for half day.

-- For NATURE LOVERS wanting to escape the hustle’n bussle of Dalyan Life -
You can drive through the famous Liquid Amber Forest up to the mountains. Stop at the mouth of Yuvarlakcay Gorge.Walk in the canyon for about two hours and lunch at a beautiful trout restaurant.Half an hours drive to Toparlar Waterfall to cool off in the waters of a small lagoon.Picture stops for superb views.Return via Stork Paradise to see nests.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the undersea world of scuba-diving. We take you to some of the best bays in the Mediterranean to experience the excitement of diving. You are accompanied by fully trained divers who will guide you through your first dive, or stay with you as you make friends with the fish.
A supurb day of discovery! (Full day tour lunch included) - Everyday

One of nature’s gifts to Turkey are its rivers. They provide perfect conditions for canoeing and rafting. Dalaman River is one of the most popular rivers which offers rafting opportunities for those who want to discover wild nature, breathtaking scenery and adventure. (Full day tour lunch included) Everyday

Come and join us for this unforgettable experience. Feed the turtles in the lake. Enjoy the silence of the morning by watching sunrise. (Early Morning Tour) THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS

Come with us to encounter Turkey in the raw. We start our off road driving through a typical Turkish village and a beautiful amber forest. Up to Yuvarlakçay spring to cool off. Fresh trout for lunch. Explore little known areas , deserted places of unsurpassible beauty. An excellent day out for adventurous ones. Full day tour, lunch included.

This is a wonderfully refreshing experience recommended for eveyone. Especially at the beginning of your holiday. No matter how many showers or ordinary baths you take , you will never be as clean as the Turkish bath can make you. The Turkish Bath originated over 400 years ago.
(Half day afternoon tour) Everyday
‘LADIES ONLY’ day is available
Wednesday 10:00 / 13:00

Explore the Köyceğiz Lake by cruising up the river. Shopping at Köyceğiz market where most things can be found at very reasonable prices. Delicious lunch served on the boat. Visit hot thermal springs of Sultaniye upon your return.
(Full day tour,lunch and entrance fees included) MONDAYS

Do not miss the opportunity for shopping at Fethiye market which is the biggest in the area. Drive to the deserted Greek village of Kayaköy.
Lunch in a typical Turkish restaurant. Explore the famous Blue Lagoon by swimming in the turqouise water of Ölüdeniz. (Full day tour , lunch included) TUESDAYS

We call It sunset cruise, because when the moon rises, the hills where the ancient Lycian Kings have been lying for thousands years shine like pearls.The tour starts at 18.00 from the Dalyan harbour and we cruise along the river beds towards the Köyceğiz Lake. We will prepare you a BBQ on board and guarantee a night of fun as we dance and drink the night away.(Dinner included) SATURDAYS

From the harbour we take the boat through the river to the open sea, and continue north-east to the fabulous bay of Ekincik. On the way, take a break by the caves for swimming & diving. After having lunch on board we follow our route to Evince sailing on the turqouise waters, surrounded by lush green mountain scenery. Ekincik bay has a beautiful beach with small cafes & restaurants. EVERYDAY

Discover Turkey!
Let us take you up to the highest point of Dalyan which is 610 metres from the sea level to watch the sunset whilst sipping COMPLIMENTARY CHAMPAGNE. Enjoy the beautiful views of Dalyan and Köyceğiz Lake. Let’s knock at the door of a tradational village house in the mountains to experience Turkish hospitality. Unforgettable afternoon out !! (Half day tour with refresments) WEDNESDAYS & SUNDAYS

This is a lovely tour, especially recomended for those who like a slower pace. Villages reflect the climate and character of the religion. Typical mediterrenean villages are built around a central square with the mosque, school, a general store, and of course the center of male life; a coffee house, where important issues such as politics and crop prices are discussed and local gossip exchanged. (Full day tour lunch included) FRIDAYS

Early departure for Ephesus, relax over breakfast, then visit the house of the Virgin Mary, St. John’s Basilica and the Temple of the Diana. After lunch, visit the ancient Greco-Roman city of Ephesus before our return to Dalyan. (Full day tour , breakfast included) SUNDAYS

A beautiful and spectacular natural site with thermal spring waters. After lunch visit the ancient city of Hierapolis before our return back to Dalyan. (Full day tour, breakfast included) SATURDAYS

Here is the chance to experience all the highligts of Dalyan. Zig-zag up on the river to explore the Mud Bath, Thermal Springs, Ancient ruins of Caunos and Iztuzu Beach which is famous for with its Caretta Caretta turtles.
(Full day tour, lunch included) - Enterance fees not included. WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS

Early departure for the ancient city of Ephesus, one of the “Seven Churches of Revelation”. Visit the house of the “ Virgin Mary “, St. John Basilica and the Temple of Diana. And then continue to Pamukkale. Dinner and overnight stay in a luxury hotel. Full day trip in Pamukkale, return to your destination early evening.

At Beyaz Villas
Start with a selection of seafood, followed by a choice of freshly caught Sea Bass or Sea Bream, and if there is still room—you will be tempted by a selection of deserts and coffee. A good evening out, with a pleasant atmosphere. Booking at least 1 day in advance required.

Saklıkent means “ Hidden Paradise “ which elegantly sums up this natural wild canyon,found purely by mistake. Walk in the footsteps of countless explorers, enjoying the rugged scnery. Lunch at a remarkable restaurant followed by a visit of ancient ruined city of Tylos. (Full day tour , lunch included) THURSDAYS & SATURDAYS

Let’s experience the silence of the mountain with its wonderful views. Relax nearby the Yuvarlakcay river. Fresh Trout will be your BONUS !!!! (Full day tour) EVERYDAY

' SAILING ‘ That’s how we discovered the new continents and saw how round our planet was.
‘ WIND ‘ Breath of the gods, one of the powers of mother nature.
‘ BOAT ‘ Man-made, it uses the breath of the gods to fill it’s sails and takes us wherever we want to go.
(Full day tour , lunch included) WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS & SUNDAYS